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Mothership Boarding Pass


All 999 subscribers will get an email with a link to a bonus poster... PLUS: A request for information for you to opt-in for a personalized boarding pass. Once it's personalized, your boarding pass will be emailed to you in high resolution.

For all those that subscribe before the end of the year, you'll receive everything above... PLUS AN EXTRA BONUS: A high resolution, double sided, laminated boarding pass physically mailed to your adddress.

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Subscribers should expect an email within the next few weeks. I, (Randy Asher), am preparing that email message now. Once finished, I'll send it to the No Agenda internal affairs staff (the Shill) for decimination.

There will be an attached PDF form for you to fill out if you choose to opt-in for your personalized boarding pass. I'll request that you email the completed form to me along with a photo, avatar or any graphic you'd like to use on your pass.

If all goes as planned, I hope to start mass production and shipping by Thanksgiving week. I'll keep this webpage updated as things progress.

Have a great day fellow slaves!
Randy Asher

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